Sun Flower - The girl in Greek Mythology Who Leaves Her Beautiful Face for Her Everlasting Love

In Greek mythology, there was a water-nymph by the name of Clytie, who fell deeply in love with the sun god, Apollo. Every day, as long as the sun shone, Clytie would stare at the sky and watch the sun as it traveled from east to west. This went on for 9 days 9 nights before her hands and feet turned into roots that went creeping into the ground; while her beautiful face became a flower, forever turning towards the sun. This flower is the bright and colorful sunflower.

The large petal sunflower is the national flower of Peru. Whether it is the decoration flowers or the alter flowers in the sanctuaries, or the corsages and floral crowns on the bacchantes, all are decorated with sunflowers cast in gold, hence, it is also known as the "Golden Flower." People associate sunflowers with vitality and passion, and have made it the symbol of: radiance, passion, energy, and concealed love. This is the meaning of sunflowers in flower language that has been passed down through the ages.

The structural composition of vegetable ceramide and phytosterol extracted from sunflowers using new technology is similar to ceramide in human skin, which can effectively repair the skin and promote skin cell cohesiveness, thereby providing comprehensive protection against external harm and increase the skin's elasticity so that your skin can beam like the moving luster of sunflowers.

Sunflower Moisturizing & Rejuvenating Product Series