Resilience of Unparalleled Beauty in the Desert - Opuntia Ficus-indica

Originating from Mexico, it has a strong resilience for life. No matter how barren the soil, how dry the weather, it still blooms with beautiful bright red and yellow flowers in the desert, and is also known as the "flower of heroes" in the desert.

The special oligosaccharide active molecules found in the opuntia ficus-indica can start up the skin's metabolism, enhance cell renewal, and restore the skin's luster and whiteness. The opuntia ficus-indica's eliminated corneum regulatory factor can start up the skin's metabolism process and enhances the body's own eliminated corneum enzymes to clear away dead skin cells from the inside out, thereby truly achieving natural human endogenous eliminated corneum. It increases corneum metabolism and melatonin as well as reduces wrinkles so that your skin is even more clear, radiant, young, and vibrant.

Cactus Clarifying & Brightening Essence Product Series