Human experimentation - moisture retention test

A total of 30 women who use products with essence extracted from never-fading flower twice a day for a continuum of 14 days Using corneometer to read the index on the 1st day, 7thd day and 14th day.

Result : comparing to the control group, moisture retention is 5% higher for those subjects that using products with essence extraced form never-fading flower.

Content comparison of Essential Amino Acids - never-fading flower vs. whole milk

These Essential Amino Acids effects signficantly in enhancing skin defense, slowing aging, balancing moisture, and restoring vitality. As noted from National Academy of Sciences, NAS, ( plant protein extracted from never-fading flower is considered as one of the best sources, and it contains even higher amino acid than milk and soybeans!

% w/w per 100g product based
Nine Essential Amino Acids Whole Milk Amaranth
Threonline 0.15 0.56
Valine 0.15 0.69
Methionine 0.08 0.23
Isoleucine 0.16 0.59
Leucine 0.43 0.89
Phenylalanine 0.13 0.55
Lysine 0.32 0.75
Histidine 0.03 0.39
Tryptophan 0.06 0.18
Each content is 3 to 13 times higher than milk.